It’s been said that good fences make good neighbours, and there’s truth in that statement! Aside from providing privacy, a solid fence can add greater security and a design element to even the most basic backyard. With a variety of materials readily available from building supply stores in Bruce and Grey Counties, you can pick a weekend and complete a fencing project in just a few days.

Building a new fence on your property is an important decision as it will likely remain in place for years to come. There are several factors The Kirstine Group recommends you consider when planning a new fence:

Function – A functional fence will not only enhance the security of your property, it can also reduce wind and noise, and keep your pets and small children contained.

Style – The right fence will complement your home’s architecture and landscape, but could also add an aesthetic touch to the overall look of your property. There are countless decorative fencing options on the market that will allow you to create everything from a charming 3’ white picket fence to a 6’ ornate wrought-iron fence.

Privacy – Wood, vinyl and alternative materials such as faux stone are among the options you may consider if you’re looking for more privacy. Other fencing materials such as lattice panels can contribute to your project to give it a finished look.

As noted, there are a variety of fencing choices available for purchase. Wood is a classic choice, including pressure-treated and cedar, along with vinyl, aluminum, iron and chain link. More unique designs can also be created using stone or wood/metal combinations; these often result in a premium look. Regardless of the material you select, it’s important to ensure your fence will be wind and stain resistant.

Once you’re ready to build your fence, consider whether you want to tackle the project yourself or bring in a professional crew. Again, you have options: use ground spikes to anchor your posts, or go with concrete footings; build each section from scratch, or purchase pre-finished sections. Depending on your comfort level with do-it-yourself projects, you may want to hire someone to build part or all of your fence. The Kirstine Group works with some terrific professionals in Bruce and Grey Counties and we can recommend one to you!

Regardless of the options you select, remember to check with your municipality’s building officials before you begin. Local ordinances, regulations and building codes must all be adhered to, or you may have to take down your new fence before you have a chance to enjoy it. Once you apply for a fence permit you’ll receive a copy of the rules that apply to fences in your community. If you live in a newer development or subdivision with its own restrictions, you may also have to provide a sketch to the neighbourhood association for design approval.

Good luck with your project and happy building!