Making the decision to buy a new home – whether it’s your first house or your 10th – is an exciting time. You start by checking out the listings in Bruce and Grey on, and when you see something you like, you contact an agent.

Here’s where The Kirstine Group comes in! We can show you any property for sale in Bruce, Grey & Huron counties, whether it’s listed with our own brokerage or another company. We have access to exclusive properties that don’t appear on, and we often match buyers with sellers before a listing ever hits the market. With a shortage of properties available for those looking to buy real estate in Walkerton, Hanover and area, this is a huge advantage.

Aside from working with one of our professional agents, there are other steps you can take to ensure you’re as prepared as possible to buy a house, commercial building, investment property or farm. Most buyers visit their financial institution and find out their pre-approval mortgage amount. This is based on your income and what your local bank believes you can comfortably afford. This will confirm you’re shopping in the correct price point, which is a great start. However, The Kirstine Group recommends you go a step further and become pre-qualified; this is a process by which your bank studies your total debt ratio against your income, and guarantees mortgage approval, up to a certain purchase price, for 30 days based on that process.

The difference between being pre-approved and pre-qualified can vastly speed up the offer process when you find a piece of real estate you want to purchase. You’ll be able to shorten the number of days your offer would be conditional, which is appealing to sellers in this hot market. You can also be prepared to place a strong offer against a competing bid should you find yourself vying to secure the same property.

Aside from being pre-qualified, buyers wanting to purchase in today’s market should prepare themselves to make quick decisions. Buying a house is a big investment, and agents with The Kirstine Group understand this, but sometimes you must decide quickly if you want to make an offer on a new listing. Houses that are priced right, and those that are appropriately staged to attract buyers, are going to sell fast. Be ready. If you fall in love with an affordable house that doesn’t require a lot of updates, chances are someone else is going to love it too. Those who take a week to think it over may just lose out.

Finally, when putting an offer on paper, we advise buyers to keep it as clean as possible. If the sellers haven’t offered the retro orange couch in the den, don’t ask for it unless you honestly can’t live without it. Do make your offer conditional on necessary things like inspections and water tests, but try not to clutter it up with anything unnecessary, especially if you’re competing for the property.

Want more tips such as these? Agents with The Kirstine Group can help you navigate the market and find your first home, your next home or your dream home! Call us today and let’s start talking.