So you’ve sold your house – congratulations! It’s an exciting time for a homeowner; maybe you’re moving on to something larger or smaller, leaving the area for a new adventure, or simply looking for a change. Regardless of your reasons for selling, the deal is done and you’re probably thinking “now what?”

The process of selling a home in Bruce or Grey begins with a flurry of activity. Agents with The Kirstine Group go through a list of comparable properties with all sellers to help establish a list price, discuss how best to stage your home, capture as many as 40 photographs, and complete what can be seen as a daunting stack of paperwork! As soon as your piece of real estate is advertised for sale, the showing requests begin. Your agent may schedule an open house and give you certain tasks to help show off your home’s best features. Listing your property can be quite the whirlwind!

When the right buyer walks through the door and falls in love with the property, your agent with The Kirstine Group then goes to work for you again to negotiate the best terms possible. Often an offer to purchase real estate in Bruce and Grey is conditional upon financing, a home inspection or countless other scenarios. You and the potential buyer work your way through the conditions, with your agent’s help. If all goes well, the deal firms up and your house is sold!

But what happens next? From a seller’s perspective, things go quiet. Your agent no longer has the need to call, text or email you quite so often. The showings are over, the paperwork is signed. You may feel as though your Realtor has forgotten about you, but that’s not the case at all! The period between when a deal firms and when a deal closes is often quiet – take comfort knowing this is normal! Agents with The Kirstine Group are still available whenever you have questions, we just won’t be communicating new information every day as we were in the beginning.

As the closing date gets closer, your agent will be in touch again and the waiting game will start to wrap up. You’ll pack your belongings, touch base with your real estate lawyer, and final walk-throughs may be scheduled. As always, you won’t ever be left alone to wonder about the next step – you can reach out to your agent anytime! We are here to help with all aspects of buying and selling, you just have to ask.