So you’ve made the decision to sell your home. Maybe you need more space, maybe you want less room. Perhaps you’ve accepted a new job, or want to move closer to other family members. Regardless of the reason, you are now faced with what can be an overwhelming task: preparing the place you live to be viewed by potential new owners. Take some of the weight off your shoulders and let The Kirstine Group guide you through the process!

It can be a daunting chore to look at your house from a stranger’s perspective. Often times a seller wants to ensure each room looks perfect, or close to it, before a potential buyer walks through. Decluttering is always recommended and sometimes other suggestions are made as well, such as giving a tired room a face lift with a fresh coat of paint.

It makes good sense to have your home be aesthetically appealing to those attending a viewing or open house. But what about the smells a potential buyer might encounter? Do you want them to smell last night’s dinner, or realize you have a pet or two?

Some sellers choose to bake a dessert, such as cookies or a pie, immediately before a viewing. Others may burn scented candles or spray air fresheners in high traffic rooms. If you’re looking for another option, try some of these do-it-yourself all-natural scents, which The Kirstine Group recommends as they can leave your house smelling fresh and clean:

  1. Lemon and rosemary – combine sliced lemons and fresh rosemary in a mason jar, add water and a touch of vanilla extract.
  2. Lilac – cut some lilac sprigs in the spring – there’s plenty growing in the wild in Bruce and Counties! – add water and place jars or vases throughout the house.
  3. Rosemary and lavender – freshen your carpets naturally by mixing together baking soda, dried rosemary and lavender oil. Sprinkle the mixture on your carpets, let it sit for 15 minutes and vacuum.
  4. Plug-in refill – No need to throw away your empty plug-in air fresheners. Instead, refill the reservoir with water and a few drops of essential oil.
  5. Cranberry and orange – Items from your pantry can be used to make a stove-top potpourri. Try boiling together some fresh cranberries and orange slices with cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg.
  6. Lemon or lavender reed diffusers – make your reed diffusers. Pick up some rattan reeds and place them in a glass container with a narrow opening at the top. Add alcohol, almond oil and lemon oil for the kitchen, or alcohol, almond oil and lavender oil for the living room or bedroom.

Whichever tip you choose to give your home an inviting scent, be sure you don’t overdo it. Buyers who work with The Kirstine Group are generally looking for something fresh and inviting so don’t overpower them with a scent that is too strong. Experiment with these ideas and find out what works best for your space.