If you’ve decided to sell your property in Bruce or Grey then setting a realistic listing price is paramount! The goal of agents working with The Kirstine Group is to always sell your piece of real estate for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. But we can’t properly do our job without your help.

Our agents follow a rigorous process when it comes to setting a listing price. We research comparable homes and lots in your neighbourhood that have sold recently, and familiarize ourselves with listings that are currently active. We consider things like assessed value, upgrades and improvements made to a home, property size, location and more. Only then do we offer you an opinion of value on your home.

Despite the knowledge we have on the real estate market in Bruce and Grey, not every seller will agree with the opinion we provide. And that’s okay! The Kirstine Group agents are open to discussing a potential listing price, and it’s ultimately up to the property owner to decide on what figure to go with. Sometimes sellers like to test the market with a number higher than what’s recommended, and this is also acceptable provided a price reduction occurs if an offer is not made on the property in a reasonable amount of time.

Discussions regarding a listing price can be lively! Sellers can sometimes feel defensive if the opinion of value given by an agent is lower than expected. If this occurs, try to look at the sale of your property as a business transaction and take the emotions out of it. Agents with The Kirstine Group have professional experience with setting realistic listing prices and our opinion on your home is not meant to offend. Rather, as stated earlier, we are looking to help sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. We don’t want to see your property sit on the market for months and become a stale listing.

Try not to heed the sometimes-misguided advice of your family members or neighbours when it comes to listing your house. Those who tell you it was priced too low following a quick sale aren’t generally as knowledgeable about the market as a real estate agent. It more than likely that your house sold quickly because it was priced at exactly the right number.

If you’re interviewing more than on agent prior to listing, really listen to the information provided along with the listing price. Rather than using the agent or brokerage that provides you with the highest opinion of value, go with the agent that can properly market your property and expose it to the widest audience possible. Hire someone who is going to work hard on your behalf.

Agents with The Kirstine Group are ready to hear from you!