Fear #1 – Overpaying

Everyone who purchases a home would like to think that they negotiated a sharp price. The problem is most buyers really don’t know how to judge what fair market value is on the home they are looking to buy. Neil Kirstine, sales representative with The Kirstine Group, Keller Williams Lifestyles Realty, states that there are three ways to determine fair market value on the property you are considering buying. One way is the assessed value which may or may not be accurate. The second way is by what other similar homes in the area are selling for and the third and best way, is to see what similar homes in the same neighbourhood sold for in the last 3-6 months. This is the tried and true way of determining fair market value on homes in the Walkerton and Hanover area.

Fear # 2 – Buying the money pit

Nobody wants to inherit someone else’s problems, especially in real estate. Never before have buyers in the Grey and Bruce area been able to protect themselves on their home purchases. Neil Kirstine insists that offers have clauses to protect his buyers, including home inspections, insurance, sellers’ disclosures and well and septic clauses if buying in the country. Get protected on your next buy by allowing The Kirstine Group to represent you.

Fear #3 – Not seeing all of the market

If you are looking to purchase a home in the Walkerton or Hanover area, you want to make sure you have seen all the product that is available including MLS, bank sales and exclusive listings. No buyer wants to be steered into a few select listings that their realtor chooses to show them.

The Kirstines’ ‘Home Finder Service will automatically email out all company’s listings that fit your criteria every day as they come on the market. This allows you to be privy to the same information realtors have, including directions, price and details that allow you to do your own drive-by.

Fear # 4 – Being pressured

Purchasing a home should be a stress-free experience. Buyers have always feared being forced into a quick sale. Some buyers may take up to a year to find that perfect home. Neil and Tracey Kirstine, Director of First Impressions, treat their buyers like family and insist on doing what’s right for them.

This will be one of the biggest purchases most buyers will make in a lifetime and The Kirstine Group wants it to be right and stress free.

Fear #5 – Negotiating at the bank

Most buyers fear lending institutions. In the Grey Bruce area, there are banks and credit unions that offer very competitive rates and plans. These lending institutions want your business and Neil Kirstine will help you to secure the best rate and best plan for paying down that loan and becoming mortgage free.


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