Purchasing real estate is a big decision, and if you’re considering a new home in Bruce or Grey, you should also consider hiring a professional home inspector. Armed with the knowledge gained from an inspection, you’ll be better prepared to take on one of the biggest investments of your life.

A home inspector’s job is to assess the house from top to bottom and look at everything from the roof, attic and exterior to the electrical, heating and plumbing systems, insulation, interior and basement. Your home inspector will point out anything that’s not working property, provide an estimate for repairs, and give you a timeline as to when the repairs should be carried out. 

An inspection arranged through The Kirstine Group does more than turn up deficiencies though. The recommended inspection process will identify life expectancies of a home’s operating systems, and cover routine maintenance items. You will gain valuable insight into the home you are purchasing, whether it’s in Walkerton, Hanover or another nearby community, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about maintaining that specific residence in the future. Better yet, your home inspector will be able to address each of your concerns as they arise.

Sometimes an inspection turns up something unanticipated that can either change a buyer’s mind, or help the two parties involved re-negotiate a selling price. More often though, buyers in Bruce and Grey receive peace of mind about the property they are purchasing once they’ve had an inspection completed. 

Sales representatives with The Kirstine Group always advise using a licensed home inspector. Well-meaning friends and family members often want to weigh in and help a first-time home buyer with their real estate purchase. However, the expertise of a licensed professional is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal – unlike family and friends, they aren’t looking at your potential home from an emotional perspective. They’re studying the bricks and mortar, the heating and the plumbing, and all that’s hidden inside the walls. Your home inspector will take the guesswork out of a purchase so you be confident you’re making a smart decision.