So you’re going to begin house hunting in Grey Bruce? Well, be prepared, it’s a time-consuming task and there are some basics you need to define before you begin the search.

What kind of town do you want to live in? Is it Walkerton or Hanover, or is a country setting more your cup of tea?

Homes for sale can include a duplex, a condo or a single family home or cottage.

Is the area close to your employment, schools, services and stores?

Is your family likely to come by? Are you close enough for them to make the drive?

Some people are interesting in quaint historic communities, others are looking for a bustling downtown. Know what suits your way of living and start there.

Are you looking for waterfront? A pool? Built-in or nearby recreation facilities?

Is there a library and other public facilities nearby?

When looking at real estate, don’t forget to look into the community’s reputation, safety and home values. Is the population increasing or declining?

So now you’re ready to begin the home search:

Talk to a realtor to better understand the prices and properties in the area.

Don’t limit your search. Make sure you see a good cross-section so that you don’t risk missing that perfect home.

Know your top end price point so that you don’t fall in love with something you can’t afford.

Keep your checklist handy. When visiting a location, note the amenities that match your wish list as well as those that do not.

Give yourself plenty of time to seek out properties and make that decision. It’s a big one – you want to be sure you give it the time it deserves.

 Now you’ve found it – that perfect home in Grey or Bruce County!

Invest in a property inspection. Areas that should be looked at include ventilation, basement cracks, chimneys, the condition of the roof, garage, look for water problems, mould or mildew, and see whether floorboards or rooflines are sagging. Be sure the electrical and panel are well inspected and don’t forget what’s outside the home – check for damage caused by tree roots, wind or other evidence of items that need repair or attention.

                Once you give the property a thumbs up – you can rest easy knowing you took all precautions before making the biggest investment of your lifetime.


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